The Harrisburg Nail Works

A Brief History of the Nail Mill In 1915, Dr. Harvey Bashore wrote a short History of West Fairview for their Centennial.  In it, he mentions that there was a grist mill and a small dam made of hewn timbers of the Conodoguinet Creek, "when and who the grist mill was built is not known". … Continue reading The Harrisburg Nail Works

The History of the Oyster Mill Bridge

On July 3, 1846, James and Eliza McCormick sold a Grist and Clover Mill and 17 acres of land to John K. Heck.  Bridgens Map of 1858 locates the Mill directly across from the Conodoguinet Creek from the Oyster Mill, known today as the Oyster Mill Playhouse. About 1848, Mr. Heck and his neighbors had … Continue reading The History of the Oyster Mill Bridge

A Brief History of East Pennsboro

In 1735, our North Valley was divided into two townships, Hopewell and Pennsboro, both part of Lancaster County at that time. As early as 1741, taxes were collected in the east and west subdivision of Pennsboro and in 1745 East Pennsboro incorporated from Pennsboro Township.  In 1750, Cumberland County was formed, follwed by Franklin County … Continue reading A Brief History of East Pennsboro